BUZZ IN CROSBY: Honey of deals buzzes Friendly Ford

Jeremy Favors of Dayton gathers a swarm of bees from the canopy of Friendly Ford in Crosby on Monday, August 11. A swarm of honey bees apparently heard of sweet deals at the Crosby dealership and came to nest.

Wesly Johnson, manager of the dealership, says “I was a little dismayed trying to get this situation cleared up without hurting the bees. I called a beekeeper supply store and was told they didn’t know anybody that could get the bees. Business must really be slow there. Finally, I called some previous customers from Dayton and Jeremy came right out and trapped the bees in a special box with sugar in the bottom.” According to Jeremy, “I’ll buy a queen and start a new hive. We already have two at the farm. It’s strange, the bees let some people deal with them and not others. Wear any perfume or even deodorant that smells at all like flowers – you could be in trouble.”