Local candidates finish filing for office at deadline


EAST HARRIS COUNTY—While the final decision on Texas congressional districts is in the hands of the judicial branch, county and state races have already begun to take shape for the March party primaries.

A number of local candidates have filed for spots on their respective ballots. Topping the list of county races will be Crosby’s Mike Stafford who is seeking reelection as county attorney. Harris County Sheriff Tommy Thomas, a Republican will face either John Shike or Paul Day in the November General Election. He will face Democrat Guy Robert Clark in November. State Rep. Joe Crabb, a Republican, will face Democrat Charlotte Coffit in November. While no Republicans have filed, Constable Ken Jones will have a challenge from within his own party from L.R. Rush.

District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal will have no opponent in either race. Also unopposed in their reelection bids are Judge Mike Parrott and State Senator Tommy Williams.

Races will get a little dicey at the federal level. During the filing periods Congressmen Chris Bell (D-25) and Nick Lampson (D-9) filed for their old seats. However, if the judges rule that the redistricting maps will stand then neither candidate will be able to serve in the same area as both numbers have been reassigned to other parts of Texas. There is speculation that if this occurs, Bell will seek a different district in central Houston.

Under the new map, Crosby and Highlands would fall under the 2nd Congressional District.

Mark Henry, A. Hassan and Ted Poe have filed as Republicans for that district. Since the decision is still under consideration the Texas Secretary of State has granted a filing extension. Under the extension, candidates who have already filed under the old boundaries will be given until Jan. 16 to file in the new districts. Due to a possibility of residence eligibility coming into question, candidates who re-file for the new districts do not have to live in the district on the date of filing, but must move into the district before the primaries.