Sports Ranch hosts qualifying meet

Spectators ring the events platforms as Laura Bernard completes a double twisting somersault.


CROSBY– Texas Sports Ranch may grow rapidly now that parents and gymnasts from throughout the region have witnessed the fantastic facilities here, during the first of a series of qualifying events to determine who represents the United States at the Olympics in Power Tumbling, one of the disciplines in Sports Acrobatics. One parent stated on Jan. 24 as she entered the 30,000 square foot gymnasium, “Now this is what it is supposed to look like.”

Probably her reaction was based on the common experience that a 15,000 square foot gymnasium is considered large. Or, her reaction may have been based on the three ring circus effect of a 120 foot rod floor (a floor for running, power jumping and tumbling) beside two side by side massive (fly guy) trampolines with double mini trampolines on the opposite side. Her reaction may have been based on the high volume of spectators or the omni-present judges and coaches.

According to Jill Oxford, events coordinator, “Everything is going great today. We are running ahead of schedule. Everything is provided here at the Sports Ranch, the largest complex in Southeast Texas,food, lodging, we never have to leave. We love having our meet here. We have over 250 competitors today. In the morning we hold they younger ages and in the afternoon move up to Senior Elite. The Senior Elites and they go all the way up to the Olympics. They start now in getting their scores and start training for the Olympics and Senior World.”

According to David Rogers, Power Tumbling is certainly a growing sport, “We have twice as many people here as we had last year.”

The region that Texas Sports Ranch is in goes from Baytown to Victoria, down to San Antonio and out to the Valley, according to Oxford. It is the most active gymnastics regions in Texas.

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