May he rest in peace…

We attended funeral services for the Mrs’ Father yesterday.

R. I. P. Don McAninch, my pa-in-law.

On the date of his death, our twin was in flight from Pennsylvania to Texas bringing his wife and 7 month old son. The twin was bringing him to Texas to see his grandfather before he passed away but there just was not enough time. The little fellow was introduced to him anyway.

The funeral home had the immediate family off to the side and up front.

I kept staring at the high dollar wooden box that he was going to be cremated in and simply shook my head. My mind wandered and the preacher man came out and said words that would make you think he knew the deceased.

As “Amazing Grace” was played in a soulful version, I whispered to the Mrs. that he would rather hear Eddy Arnold. She smiled.

The twins sat in the row behind us during services and of course the 7 month old was directly behind me. He’d jabber on occasion and make baby sounds. About midway through services I heard a grunt and another fine grunt indeed. Sure enough during his great grandfather’s funeral service he allowed nature to do its thing.

His grandfather smiled and wiped his eye. The Mrs. said her Dad would have found that funny.

In talking to Don’s brother during visitation, I mentioned that he sure didn’t like me when I first married Rosetta because we eloped. That did bring a smile on his face and he agreed, telling me that he had discussed that with him before; it just took time for him to come around.

Driving back to the house on Goose Creek I asked the Mrs. about funeral services for us as we have talked of this previously and she reiterated the fact that she does not want any visitation or services. None, nare bit.

You got your plans made up for when you kick the bucket? It is a true eye opener indeed at the cost of a funeral service. Why even to run an obituary piece in the big city paper for one day cost $450.00 – well, when you have lots of family to mention.

Heard of a court case once involving a tall person that was to be buried. During visitation the relatives wondered how the funeral home got the long body in the casket. Come to find out the funeral home had cut the person’s legs off to make the body fit. It ended in a lawsuit of course.