Reader insulted by cartoon on Alamo defenders

To the Editor:

I’m glad I haven’t sent in my subscription renewal. Nothing has ever insulted Texas History nor my President as bad as the cartoon in this weeks paper. I have lots of liberal friends who would not think of anything so vile as this. Do not ever mail me another copy of your paper.

Reader from Newport,

STAR-COURIER Editor responds: The reader was refering to a cartoon on the Opinion Page of the Star-Courier that ran April 27th, depicting the defenders of the Alamo as mimimizing the effectiveness of the Mexican army that they were fighting. It was meant to be judged in the context of the recent Alamo movies and TV productions, and was a tongue in cheek parallel to the war on terrorism in Iraq.

It is our desire that our columns be free for diverse opinions from readers and columnists alike. The cartoon was not meant as a strident condemnation of any current government policies nor the real defenders of the Alamo.