Want a mint?

Had an interesting conversation with the editor this past week about the Two Cents Worth articles.

Complaints have been received about too much food or cooking in the articles. Another was my vocabulary.

He gets the complaints and I’m on the receiving end of compliments. As far as vocabulary and my southern slant on verbs and such, there will be a change. See if you can find it.

It is difficult to please everybody and I place myself as one of those. If you don’t believe it, ask the Mrs.

At least the editor prints the articles as submitted. He too has problems with my vocabulary as does spell check. However, having been told by others, the articles push the limit on occasion.

Ain’t no different than this morning’s burnt bacon. I simply fried up some more and Four Dog didn’t whine a bit.

Watched the DVD JACKASS last night. My goodness that was nasty the things those guys did. Makes one want to call RALPH if you savvy. I got up a couple of times and nearly fell out of the chair laughing at other times.

Moving on. Went to the tooth doctor last week. For a while in my life he had his hand in my mouth as much as he had his hand on my wallet. I place a Dentist on the same level as a Cardiologist as being life savers.

You ever had a tooth that was killing you?

Been a user of a WaterPic now for 15 years or longer and on my second one. A WaterPic is nothing more than a high powered water gun, and it works well in jetting out stuff between my teeth.

Four Dog will stand by the chest of drawers and watch me use the WaterPic. I can see him in the mirror watching and I’ll point the stream towards him. He has gotten to where he can back faster than any dog in the county.

Of course, using the WaterPic does not always eliminate the hint of bad breath. Went to the eye doctor last two times and each time he has had stinky breath. I swore I was going to send him some gum, but never did.

I told the Mrs. of it and after she got back from her visit, she too said she noticed the odor.

Mine was probably ripe last week as one days lunch at THIS IS IT, I had four long green onions with my ox tails.

Had a coworker one time who having smoked and drank coffee; here they come looking over my shoulder at my PC. I got a whiff and dang near past out and fell out of my chair before they backed up and away some.

What do you do when someone you work with has halitosis? You cain’t say, “Eat out of the cat box this morning?”

“Want a mint?”