Chamber hears of Goose Creek $220 mil Bond election options

Gilbert Santana

New schools for Highlands

HIGHLANDS – Members of the Chamber of Commerce heard a presentation of the reasoning behind the proposed Bond sale that will be voted on April 2nd in the Goose Creek school district.

The talk was made by Gilbert Santana, chairman of the Political Action Committee, Mike Wilson, and Donald Dunn of Highlands. All of these were on the committee that has been working and meeting for 7 months to come up with a plan to meet the needs of the district as it grows. Also present at the Chamber luncheon were Superintendent Barbara Sultis, and Asst. Superintendent Dr. Toby York, as unofficial observers.

The bond proposal will be in two parts on the ballot. One section will deal with expenditures to handle the growth in the district and build or remodel buildings. The other section will deal with maintenance items for existing facilities. Voters may decide on either or both issues.

The total amount to be raised by the sale of bonds will come to $220 million new bonds, and $20 million that were authorized in a previous election but never sold, said Santana.

If all the bonds are sold and the money spent for facilities, it would mean a tax increase for the average home owner of $127.50 per year, assuming the appraised value of their house was $100,000.

Growth projections through the year 2010 indicate their will be an additional 2400 students in the district that must be accommodated. To meet this need, the committee proposes a new elementary and a replacement elementary. Also planned is a replacement for Highlands Junior School, construction of another junior school, and a new high school on a site at N. Main and Wallisville, that would serve the Highlands community.