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Students Helping Local Business’s One Breakfast Taco at a Time

Contributed by Maddie Drilling

SAN MARCOS, Texas – Every Monday through Thursday members of Students in Free Enterprise sell Lolita’s breakfast tacos in the quad at Texas State University. They sell 200 tacos everyday for $2 a piece.

Lolita’s Café is a popular breakfast restaurant in San Marcos. SIFE wanted to increase their revenues by selling the tacos in multiple locations, so this is what they did. They recently bought a freezer, fridge, and two grills for Lolita’s shop. SIFE student Jared Trimm says,” I love the smiles on people’s faces when they receive their breakfast taco”. This project has been very successful, and it is all because of the hard working students in SIFE.

SIFE is a global, non-profit organization that is literally changing the world through highly dedicated student teams on more than 1600 university campuses in 40 countries. SIFE offers these students the opportunity to develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills through learning, practicing and teaching the principles of free enterprise, thereby improving the standard of living for millions in the process.

Texas State SIFE is one of the leading collegiate teams within the United States. SIFE has been helping others achieve their dreams through free enterprise education for more than 25 years. Today, SIFE is the world’s prominent and largest university-based free enterprise organization.

If you would like to learn more about SIFE please visit the SIFE website, or contact Sam Walton Fellow, Vicki West at or 512-245-3224, SIFE President, Kinnon Martin at or 512-484-3823, or Maddie Drilling at or 281-796-2063.

Detectives seek Newport burglar

CROSBY – Detectives have filed Burglary Habitation charges on an alleged serial burglar in Newport, but he remains at large.
The accused is identified as Taylor Ramirez. Deputy Thomas W. Hitt of the General Investigations Division Criminal Investigations Bureau says Ramirez has been linked to seven residential burglaries in the Newport subdivision. He is currently wanted on the felony charge of Burglary Habitation and his whereabouts are unknown.
Ramirez drives a silver Mitsubishi Montero he once resided in the Newport subdivision. Ramirez was familiar with the area and is known by several of the complainants that were burglarized. Items stolen in the burglaries are electronics, jewelry and firearms. Many of the stolen items have been recovered. Anyone that knows Ramirez location is being asked to contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 713-221-6000.

Chamber hosts First Adult Spelling Bee

CROSBY— Can you spell a word of English origin that has 34 letters and is the title of a song in the popular musical Mary Poppins? (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)
The Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce, Crosby ISD, and Huffman ISD hosted the first ADULT Spelling Bee on Nov. 11, in the Crosby High School Commons.

Eight teams of four members each participated in this event. Teams paid an entry fee to compete in the Adult Spelling Bee and all proceeds from the event are being donated to educational programs and projects in the local school systems. The teams had 9 sponsors at $150. Final figures will be around $1,340 less awarding $350 in prizes with expenses running about $70 to $80.
Susan Armstrong donated the trophies and Crosby Office Supplies donated the pens, pads and various items for use by contestants and judges. Crosby Project Graduation group provided concessions. In addition, Boy Scout Troop #1411 was responsible for the Flag Presentation.
Of course, all who participated were winners but the group that walked out with the $200 check was Holy Trinity Episcopal School.
According to team leader Shirley Ellisor the school is preparing for two spelling bees to be performed by their students including the P.I.S.A. and the one that eventually competes at the nationals in Washington, D.C. The check will ultimately go to “Help our kids in their academic achievement.”

Firefighters donate $17k to cancer center

BAYTOWN— On Oct. 25 the Baytown Professional Firefighters Association presented San Jacinto Methodist Hospital Cancer Center with a check in the amount of $17,000.
The funds, that will go to battling cancer locally, were recently raised through t-shirt sales and various activities at the Pink Heals Event on Oct 8.
The hospital assisted in the fundraising efforts by hosting a pink heels decorating contest and sold t-shirts as well.
In addition to the check presentation, Stephen DonCarlos, Mayor of Baytown, presented the firefighters with a proclamation. The proclamation was dedicated to the firefighters’ efforts to raise awareness for women fighting cancer. The firemen, along with all city employees, wore pink for three days starting Oct. 25 – 27, which was part of the Pink Out Baytown initiative.

Constable deploys forces to FM 2100

CROSBY/HUFFMAN – Tickets for traffic violations, such as speeding, are being written by Ken Jones’ Precinct 3 Constable Deputies along FM 2100 in response to a public outcry against the number of people killed during the last six months on the highway.
Two patrol deputies are working the traffic along FM 2100 with the specific duties of writing tickets. On November 5, the day the initiative started, some 15 tickets were written during the morning hours.
According to Captain Jack Hagee, “If people want to speed they need to go somewhere else. Due to the loss of life and the loss of property we have pulled out the stops and we are starting to write tickets. This is not short term, they will be there from now on because we intend to shut the speeding down on this Highway as it has become dangerous. We have had numerous complaints to our department concerning dangerous driving patterns. According to the Commissioner, ‘We are going to put a stop to it.’”
The majority of cases will find that if they are pulled over they will receive a ticket. The patrol units will be dedicated to writing tickets if they encounter someone with open warrants they will call other units to transport the suspect. The vehicles will be marked ‘Traffic Enforcement’ on the back bumper of the patrol car.
The measure is in response to five fatalities that have occurred on the roadway since the end of the last May and numerous other collisions. Reasons for the accidents are numerous but mostly FM 2100 has seen an escalation in traffic beyond the capacity of two lanes to handle at excessive speed.

Crosby/Huffman Chamber picnic attracts attention

CROSBY – The Annual Picnic in the Park was packed with attending members, and four newspapers last Thursday to hear a variety of charity drives, golf tournaments for charity and Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan.
Crosby Church spoke first for Crosby Care a project to give local underprivileged children about $100 clothing shopping spree the first Saturday in December. Last year some 671 children were recipients. The Cloth–A–Child Tournament is Sat., Oct. 9. For more details call (281) 328-1310. The same church is presenting the Impact Bowl Sept. 24 at Huffman High School’s football game and Nov. 4 at Crosby High School. A huge 4 ft. tall trophy will be presented to the winning team and each team will get a big $500 check. The bands and cheerleading teams will each receive $250 big checks.
Harris County Commissioner’s Precinct 2 is hosting a Veteran’s Picnic for the extended area community Sat., Oct. 16, from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. with special focus on Korean War Veterans.

Vince Ryan enthralled everyone with anecdotes of local politic figures and past County Attorneys. He answered that the San Jacinto River Clean-up is nearing a final plan from the responsible party to eliminate the pollutants in the San Jacinto River. He also made statements about the process of incorporating the local area.
St. Martin DePoress Catholic Church is hosting their Annual Bazaar on Oct. 16 and 17. Vendor spaces and marketing opportunities are available.
Numerous door prizes were distributed including multiple tickets to Texas Renaissance Festival.


Serving the Community for 61 Years • “Biggest Little Club in District 5890”


On November 24, 1948, the Dayton Rotary Club sponsored the chartering of a new club in Highlands. The first president was Ralph McFarland.

While early details about the club have been lost, what is known is the relationship between the club and the business community has always been strong. In the absence of an incorporated government, the club often took a leadership role in the community. Business leaders of yesterday and today make up the president’s roll. Jim Carrell, who served as president from 1971-72, later went on to be a District Governor.

During the early 70’s the club went through a period of transition, where newer members began to interact with other chapters to learn how to operate properly. Members became more active in the community, with their first major fundraiser in 1971. The Rotary raised an unheard of $2,400 for the volunteer fire department.

Rotary has continued putting the community first and worked towards its betterment. Its success in raising funds for community projects earned it the reputation among the 57 Houston clubs as the “Biggest Little Club in District 5890.”

In November 1998, the club celebrated its 50th anniversary with a banquet attended by 150 present and past members, district and national officials, visiting Rotarians and friends.

In 2006, District 5890 awarded the club president, Steve Miller, “President of the Year” among the district’s 57 clubs, because of the outstanding work the club did on Hurricane relief, and other accomplishments. In recent years, the club has been a leader in the Houston District, achieving 100% Paul Harris Fellows in 2007. Membership increased to 25, winning a President’s Citation. Donations to the Rotary Foundation of $355 per member made the club #2 in the World.


Ralph McFarland, 1948-50; Ray Martin, 1950-51; A.J. Smith, 1951-52; Albert Franta, 1952-32; George Bower, 1953-54; Jeff Tanner, 1954-55; Bonnie P. Hopper, 1955-56; Dr. W.L. Herndon, 1956-57; Harry K. Johnson, Jr., and Larry Jacobs, 1957-58; W.E. Hendrickson, 1958-59; Derwin Walker, 1959-60; Jim Ezell, 1960-61; Charlie Ramsey, 1961-62; Glen Walker and Jim Brazzil, 1962-63; Jim Brazzil, 1963-64; J.C. Johnson, 1964-65; Alton Neatherlin, 1965-66; John Heger, 1966-67; James L. Creel, 1967-68; M.L. Bishop, 1968-69; Bill Morgan, 1969-70; Roy Loggins, 1970-71; Jim Carrell, 1971-72; Chester Stasney, 1972-73; Louis Stephens, 1973-74; Harold Kail, 1974-75; Mike McAlister, 1975-76; Walter Haynie, 1976-77; Ellard Lambert, 1977-78; Bobby Zahn, 1978-79; Dr. Joe Ed Sutton, 1979-80; J.E. Bird, 1980-81; Bennie Wotipka, 1981-82; Gary Smith and Bennie Wotipka, 1982-83; David Brown, 1983-84; John Butler, 1984-85; Charlie Powell, 1985-86; Jack Lindsay, 1986-87; Dr. Larry White, 1987-1988; Doc Craig, 1988-89; Dr. Steven Scannell, 1989-90; Lynn Sorrells, 1990-91; Charlie Farrar, 1991-92; Mike Robinson, 1992-93; C.R. “Dickie” Woods, 1993-94; Raymond Gonzalez, 1994-95; Richard Robinson, 1995-96; Jay Burger, 1996-97; Tim O’Bier, 1997-98; Gilbert Hoffman, 1998-99; Weston Cotten, 1999-2000; Charlie Ward, 2000-2001; Beverly Culbreath (in absentia-deceased), 2001-2002; Weston Cotten, 2001-2002; Joe Hausberger, 2002-2003; Jesse Guillen, 2003-2004; Joe Hausberger, 2003-2004; Patricia Scott, 2004-2005; Stephen Miller, 2005-2006; Johnny Gaeke, 2006-2007, Charlie Ward 2007-2008, Patricia Scott 2008-2009.

Click here for Highlands Rotary Club photos!

Crosby Church opens a satellite in Huffman

Crosby Church, A Fellowship of Believers, of the US 90 and Crosby-Dayton Road location, is now offering services in Huffman, Texas as of two weeks ago; last Saturday, the Crosby/Huffman Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting at the new location 7.5 miles North of FM 1960 on the right side of FM 2100.

According to Pastor Keenan Smith, “We believe it’s a fulfillment to what I believe the Lord laid upon my heart in a vision of being one church on multi-sites. When this location became available we just felt like it was of the Lord and we prayed over it and I believe it is a coming to fruition of a vision I was given four years ago about the ministry of Crosby Church. We believe that God has given us influence and given us impact. We believe we should live a life of impact and walk with a sense of purpose in our lives.”

So how will Huffman respond to a Crosby Church?

“We are really linked together in many ways. We are able to bring resources that we have through Crosby Church to a smaller more intimate setting. I believe for some that will enhance the worship with a real warm feeling and we try to make it where people are really comfortable. We are going to use a lot of technology at this church there will be a lot more multi-media. This is not going to be your typical rural church, it is going to be a little more out of the box. I will be preaching here at 9:00 on Sundays, student services start here Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. and I believe it will be refreshing. We will look at drawing from there a later service on Sundays and building some discipleship classes into that.”

Crosby Church to open Huffman campus, plans community BBQ

CROSBY – Crosby Church is excited to announce their expansion to a multi-campus facility, with a new Huffman location scheduled to begin having services March 15 at 9 a.m.

The Crosby Church-Huffman Campus is nestled in a quaint area on FM 2100 approximately seven miles north of FM 1960.

Pastor Keenan Smith said that he feels like God gave him a vision to expand the outreach of Crosby Church several years ago and is thrilled that this opportunity has arisen.

He said the new church will operate at the level of excellence of a large church while offering the closeness and connectivity found in small churches.

The Crosby campus currently has approximately 1,200 weekly attendees, while the Huffman sanctuary can seat about 140. The two campuses will operate as one church with multiple locations, with each having their unique characteristics. Services at the Huffman location will be Sundays at 9 A.M. Smith will preach the sermon in Huffman before going to the Crosby campus to preach the 10:30 service.

Smith, his wife Lorie, and the entire Crosby Church staff and congregation would like to invite everyone to join them as they follow God’s direction and embark on this new and exciting journey.

The congregation would also like to invite the Huffman community to join them Saturday March 28 from 3:00 – 6:00 for a day of family fun and free Bar-B-Q as they celebrate their expansion.

East Houston Hospital subject of Rotary talk

HIGHLANDS — Recovering from flood damage after Hurricane Ike, the East Houston Regional Medical Center on I-10 in Northshore has returned to almost full operation, according to CEO Jeff Holland, and is better than ever in terms of medical services and physical plant.

Holland was speaking at the weekly luncheon of the Highlands Rotary club, and explained that EHRMC has now combined with Bayshore Hospital in Pasadena, to offer more services and more specialty doctors.

East Houston is still a complete, free-standing hospital, with 131 beds, outpatient and inpatient diagnostic and surgical procedures, and a Level IV Trauma Center, the only one in East Harris County.

However, because of the merger with Bayshore Hospital, it can now offer more unique services.

Bayshore is larger, with 373 beds. Combined they have 700 doctors available. Both hospitals are a part of HCA, Hospital Corporation of America, with a total of 10 hospitals in Houston, and hundreds nationwide.

Holland said that HCA was able to reopen East Houston expeditously, because they have hospitals in Florida and are used to recovery from hurricanes. Improvements at EHRMC include digital X-Rays, a new MRI machine, a new Cardiac Catheter lab, and a new Nuclear Medicine Camera.

Building improvements include a new roof, new lift stations for sewers, and with the city of Houston, new emergency power for these pump stations.