Constable deploys forces to FM 2100

CROSBY/HUFFMAN – Tickets for traffic violations, such as speeding, are being written by Ken Jones’ Precinct 3 Constable Deputies along FM 2100 in response to a public outcry against the number of people killed during the last six months on the highway.
Two patrol deputies are working the traffic along FM 2100 with the specific duties of writing tickets. On November 5, the day the initiative started, some 15 tickets were written during the morning hours.
According to Captain Jack Hagee, “If people want to speed they need to go somewhere else. Due to the loss of life and the loss of property we have pulled out the stops and we are starting to write tickets. This is not short term, they will be there from now on because we intend to shut the speeding down on this Highway as it has become dangerous. We have had numerous complaints to our department concerning dangerous driving patterns. According to the Commissioner, ‘We are going to put a stop to it.’”
The majority of cases will find that if they are pulled over they will receive a ticket. The patrol units will be dedicated to writing tickets if they encounter someone with open warrants they will call other units to transport the suspect. The vehicles will be marked ‘Traffic Enforcement’ on the back bumper of the patrol car.
The measure is in response to five fatalities that have occurred on the roadway since the end of the last May and numerous other collisions. Reasons for the accidents are numerous but mostly FM 2100 has seen an escalation in traffic beyond the capacity of two lanes to handle at excessive speed.