Serving the Community for 61 Years • “Biggest Little Club in District 5890”


On November 24, 1948, the Dayton Rotary Club sponsored the chartering of a new club in Highlands. The first president was Ralph McFarland.

While early details about the club have been lost, what is known is the relationship between the club and the business community has always been strong. In the absence of an incorporated government, the club often took a leadership role in the community. Business leaders of yesterday and today make up the president’s roll. Jim Carrell, who served as president from 1971-72, later went on to be a District Governor.

During the early 70’s the club went through a period of transition, where newer members began to interact with other chapters to learn how to operate properly. Members became more active in the community, with their first major fundraiser in 1971. The Rotary raised an unheard of $2,400 for the volunteer fire department.

Rotary has continued putting the community first and worked towards its betterment. Its success in raising funds for community projects earned it the reputation among the 57 Houston clubs as the “Biggest Little Club in District 5890.”

In November 1998, the club celebrated its 50th anniversary with a banquet attended by 150 present and past members, district and national officials, visiting Rotarians and friends.

In 2006, District 5890 awarded the club president, Steve Miller, “President of the Year” among the district’s 57 clubs, because of the outstanding work the club did on Hurricane relief, and other accomplishments. In recent years, the club has been a leader in the Houston District, achieving 100% Paul Harris Fellows in 2007. Membership increased to 25, winning a President’s Citation. Donations to the Rotary Foundation of $355 per member made the club #2 in the World.


Ralph McFarland, 1948-50; Ray Martin, 1950-51; A.J. Smith, 1951-52; Albert Franta, 1952-32; George Bower, 1953-54; Jeff Tanner, 1954-55; Bonnie P. Hopper, 1955-56; Dr. W.L. Herndon, 1956-57; Harry K. Johnson, Jr., and Larry Jacobs, 1957-58; W.E. Hendrickson, 1958-59; Derwin Walker, 1959-60; Jim Ezell, 1960-61; Charlie Ramsey, 1961-62; Glen Walker and Jim Brazzil, 1962-63; Jim Brazzil, 1963-64; J.C. Johnson, 1964-65; Alton Neatherlin, 1965-66; John Heger, 1966-67; James L. Creel, 1967-68; M.L. Bishop, 1968-69; Bill Morgan, 1969-70; Roy Loggins, 1970-71; Jim Carrell, 1971-72; Chester Stasney, 1972-73; Louis Stephens, 1973-74; Harold Kail, 1974-75; Mike McAlister, 1975-76; Walter Haynie, 1976-77; Ellard Lambert, 1977-78; Bobby Zahn, 1978-79; Dr. Joe Ed Sutton, 1979-80; J.E. Bird, 1980-81; Bennie Wotipka, 1981-82; Gary Smith and Bennie Wotipka, 1982-83; David Brown, 1983-84; John Butler, 1984-85; Charlie Powell, 1985-86; Jack Lindsay, 1986-87; Dr. Larry White, 1987-1988; Doc Craig, 1988-89; Dr. Steven Scannell, 1989-90; Lynn Sorrells, 1990-91; Charlie Farrar, 1991-92; Mike Robinson, 1992-93; C.R. “Dickie” Woods, 1993-94; Raymond Gonzalez, 1994-95; Richard Robinson, 1995-96; Jay Burger, 1996-97; Tim O’Bier, 1997-98; Gilbert Hoffman, 1998-99; Weston Cotten, 1999-2000; Charlie Ward, 2000-2001; Beverly Culbreath (in absentia-deceased), 2001-2002; Weston Cotten, 2001-2002; Joe Hausberger, 2002-2003; Jesse Guillen, 2003-2004; Joe Hausberger, 2003-2004; Patricia Scott, 2004-2005; Stephen Miller, 2005-2006; Johnny Gaeke, 2006-2007, Charlie Ward 2007-2008, Patricia Scott 2008-2009.

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