Drug Dog at work: Jones’ Deputies track drugs in McNair; major cocaine, pot

McNAIR – Precinct 3 Deputy More has a nose for finding illegal drugs, and his comrades have come to regard him as an essential team member when there is a question about the presence of contraband.

On the evening of January 28, More aided in finding a half pound of ‘boat’ (near pure) powder cocaine on Fayle Street inside a truck that was illegally parked outside a house that is suspected to be used for drug exchanges. On February 2 at about 9:25 p.m., Deputy More helped a Texas Highway Patrol Officer bust about 10.5 pounds of marijuana, according to Captain Jack Hagie.

More is one of the most frequently trained deputies on the force but does not pack a pistol. That should not be interpreted to mean that his bark is as bad as his bite, both are telling. This dog’s addition to the force was one of Precinct 3 Constable Ken Jones’ campaign promises and has paid a dividend in drug interdiction for the Precinct.

The cocaine find was brought on by the suspected driver having parked in the middle of the street. As Deputies closed in on the suspect, the suspect fled into the drug house and out the other side. Although deputies established a perimeter, the suspect escaped for the time being and later filed a report that the truck had been stolen from the location.

The 10.5 pounds of Marijuana was found to be inside a car suspected by the Highway Patrol to smell of burning rope. When the officer stopped the car near John Martin Road, he asked if he could search the vehicle and the driver said, “No.” When Deputy More arrived however, the K-9 deputy instantly keyed all the probable cause needed to make the search.