Crosby Medics change leadership

Christy Graves, left, will become General Manager of ESD#5 now that Houston Hooper has taken a job with Harris County Health Dept. He will become a part of the bigger picture for safety of the County effective March 15. At the same time, the Medic Director for ESD#5, Dr. Minson is leaving to play a much part in the County’s Homeland Security Preparations. Tentative plans are to replace him with the medical director of the City of Liberty.

Ms. Graves said, “I’m looking forward to doing this because I’ve been a member of this service for 9 years and I have friends and family right here in this community. I feel that I bring a strong teaching background, having taught at San Jacinto College for 9 years; as well as, a passion for making ESD#5 the best EMS service in Harris County. I look forward to working with the fire department and potentially writing mutual funding grants for training and equipment. I am a grant writer and have been instrumental in enabling services to receive grants. “Having also worked with Channelview EMS for the last 12 years, I am familiar with surrounding services. I sit on the Grants Review Committee for the Southeast Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Committee and I also sit on the Safe Kids Committee For Injury Prevention and Accidents Prevention.

“We’ll see a lot of free education to the community, we are also going to see a lot of alternate funding being approached for equipment and training. Nothing much will change, it will be an easy transition.”