Crosby MUD says thank you

The Crosby Municipal Utility District wishes to express our thanks to all of our community for your support in passing the $10 million dollar Bond. I understand that not all the votes were for the Bond, so it will be part of your responsibility to always keep us accountable. It is with your confidence in us that we will continue to be wise stewards of your tax dollars. I want to thank everyone who did everything possible to get information out to the public. I know issues such as utilities cannot always be completely understood, but you have put your trust in Crosby MUD and it is my desire not to let you down. We will continue to meet the needs of our community. The District has prepared an outline of priorities and will be setting those items in motion.

Just a reminder! Rome wasn’t built in a day — and doing it fast is never better than doing it right!

Board President,
Jerry Blizzard