MUDs elect for progress

CROSBY – Three Municipal Utility Districts here passed bond referendums on Saturday, May 7. Crosby MUD had a vote of 87 for and 72 against for a $10M bond over following a lively public debate and publicity on the issue. The necessity of the bond was to increase capacity. The board is looking at building a Clear Well, an underground storage, replacement of several lines and boosting pumping capacity.

Newport MUD passed a $30 million dollar bond over 15 years with a vote of 198 for and 96 against on the first proposal to ready preparation for expansion of capital improvements. In the second proposal voters passed an initiative for $5 M. for parks and recreation by a 182 to 105 margin. Newport by next year will begin to build a water tower to accommodate increasing numbers of homes in the neighborhood but that project has already been handled by existing funding.

According to board members, MUD 50 in Barrett Station passed a $32 M. bond over the next 10 to 15 years by a 67 to 9 margin. The Barrett MUD published their announcement in their own self generated newspaper, “The News Writer.” It is unknown what the scope of distribution is for the newspaper other that the assurance of “everywhere in Barrett Station.”

Problems in Barrett Station are well publicized including a leaking pipe systems, water going to persons that are using non-metered taps, a past history of less than prosperous economic growth and generally lacking enough tax base to keep pace with growing demands from regulatory agencies. Currently, even a single million dollar sale of bonds will substantially increase the burden on the few residents in the area.