Well fire dormant

CROSBY – Residents here frequently ask what happened to the smoke on the eastern horizon since last Wednesday, June 15.

The answer according to the Louisiana Gas Development Corporation, “As of June 16, 2005, LGDC’s Shmidl-Brooks Well No. 1 is static and dormant.  There has been no fire and no natural gas escaping from the well bore or surrounding area for the past 72 hours. This currently signifies that nothing is being emitted to the surface to burn and there is no gas to ignite, which is the natural progression in the next stage of killing the well completely.”
LGDC is preparing to drill a well from another location to permanently plug the Shmidl-Brooks Well No. 1. ##M:[full story]#

“Wild Well Control has looked at and is making plans to do surface work around the well in preparation of surface plugging after the relief well has been drilled,” according to the company. “The initial water well testing results in the evacuation zone showed there was no methane danger present in the wells.”

On Friday, June 10, 2005, a 1,250-foot safety radius around the well was declared. All but two families in the original evacuation zone would be allowed to return home Saturday June 11.

On June 20, media access was still not allowed down Kennings Road to within one quarter mile from the road site closest to the well.

Residents with additional questions can call (713) 770-0735 or visit Louisiana Gas Development Corporation at www.crosbywell-lgdc.com on line. Insurance claims or questions should phone (713) 451-0100.