Sticks and Stones…

You can mark it down, today is my first day to catch a hummingbird for this year. Used a butterfly net to do it but it was caught as well as released.
Opened the garage this morning and the little thing flew inside the garage.
The hummer would not fly one foot from the ceiling to go under the garage door to get out. Over a period, the hummer began to tire, that is when the butterfly net was used to scoop the bird ever so gently and take it out to be released. They are so petite.
Had to reach for extra covers this morning as the temperatures dipped to the 50’s. That is good sleeping weather down at Day Lake where it is quiet and peaceful except for the noisy crows at times. Miss that place sometimes.
Ever heard the term, “Sticks and stones may break your bones but words cannot hurt you?” That is not a completely true statement as I read a sign the other day that said something like, “Words cannot break bones but they can break hearts.”
If you have ever had your heart broken, you know exactly to what I am referring.
When was the last time you had a broken heart and how long did it take to mend?
Words can cause one to get hurt so can actions and gestures.
Take for instance last week when I was at the auto shop where my neighbor works. He was talking of his family’s trip to Lufkin during the hurricane. They headed to his hometown of Lufkin. He said it took 22 hours for a normal 2-hour trip.
Said a bunch of *&##X?* would come up and bump the person in front of them and they would hold their guns out the window to get the person to move on out of the way.
What would you do in that instance? Get out of their way or stay on course?
Sounds like a gun battle could very well have erupted on US 59.
Think I would write down the license number as they passed and reported it to the DPS later.
One could also look up their license plate registration on line and maybe pay them a surprise visit after all was said and done but that would be vengeance?
Let us hope that by the next time there is an evacuation, there is a plan in place to prevent a repeat of the traffic horror of Hurricane Rita.