Crosby Community Center — Impressive List of Programs


This is my first column since arriving back in the fine community of Crosby. It is good to be back. Linda and I are enjoying looking at what is new since returning here late on Tuesday, Jan. 10.
I lounged around most of Wednesday after the 1,240 mile trip from the mountains of West Virginia. Began driving around a little on Thursday and have done a little more each day. A day or two after arriving I went to the Chamber of Commerce building to get a couple of recent copies of the Star-Courier. Mitzi Plumb, manager of the local chamber, was there so I spent a couple of minutes saying “howdy” to her.
If you aren’t aware of it this paper has an office there, primarily for dropping off stories and photos for following editions. I picked up a couple of recent copies of the Stars-Courier. I get a copy each week but sometimes the mails fail to get them to our home for two or three weeks.
Other items I took included the January schedule of happenings at the Crosby Community Center. I’ve been impressed with the center’s offerings in the past and January looked interesting.
This past Sunday morning we found our way to the Crosby Methodist Church, our regular haunt for worship these past five years. Mrs. Tamara Keene did the children’s sermon for the younger set and, among other things, mentioned the Crosby Community Center and its many good things kids can to do there. I thought, that settles it, my next column will be about the center.
While Mrs. Keene was talking to the kids she mentioned a class she had recently taken there. This was a point well taken. The Center has offerings each month for kids of all ages, from youngsters to those kids my age (lets just say over 65).
In as much as most of you will be reading this on a Thursday let’s look at the schedule for that day each week this month. The events run from 8 a. m. to 7:15 p. m. starting with Rhythm Walking and Body Toning Chair Exercises. Other days also have Aerobics and TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) which fit in the health category.
These are followed by things like Bingo, Crazy for Canasta and a Quilting Class immediately after lunch. At the 1 p. m. hour there is a new T’ai Chi for Beginners class and at 1:30 p.m. Party Bridge. Yoga follows at 4 and Rhythm Walking again at 5 p. m. for those of you late risers or those unable to get there at 8 a. m.
In the evening the Thursday schedule includes Aerobics, a beginning Square Dancing class and ends with a mainstream Square Dancing class. I doubt anyone takes in more than one or two of these items in a day, but if you do God Bless You! You’re surely worn out.
None the less there is something for people of all ages at the Crosby Community Center and I hope you are taking advance of your share of the activities. If so, you surely are getting fit, getting some intellectual training and have a good time all together.
See you there!