Remember those Burma Shave Signs?


Here tis the fourth week into January and been out back in the garden this morning. Planted the tomato plants purchased at Wal-Mart earlier. If and if they make, I’ll have a head start on some of the other sod busters in the area and maybe have bragging rights.
Understand there is a good chance of the tomato plants getting kilt back by frost and will break out the duty buckets if freezing temperatures come.
Only bought two of the outhouse variety of tomato plants so it is not going to make that big of a difference except for the dollar bills out of my pocket to purchase the plants.
Outhouse tomatoes are what my uncle called cherry tomatoes if you savvy and that is putting it nicely as he said they will grow anywhere.
How about you, got your soil tilled or turned yet? An old friend suggests turning the garden soil with a shovel; he says it will build your character.
Burma Shave
Received an email this week from someone asking if I remember the small red signs with white letters on the side of the road back a long time ago. It was of course Burma Shave, a popular shaving cream in its day.
Five signs, about 100 feet apart, each with four lines advertising the shaving cream in a poetic gesture:
Around the curve – Lickety-Split – Beautiful Car – Wasn’t it? – Burma Shave
The Midnight Ride – Of Paul for Beer – Led to a Warmer – Hemisphere – Burma Shave
Brother Speeder – Let’s Rehearse – All Together – Good Morning Nurse – Burma Shave
Car in Ditch – Driver in Tree – The Moon was Full – And so was He – Burma Shave
Don’t Stick Your Elbow – Out so far – It may go Home – In Another Car _ Burma Shave
Bring back any old memories? If not, you’re merely a child. If they do – then you’re old as dirt. Like me.
How about tobacco barns painted with SEE ROCK CITY or RUBY FALLS?
Good Bread, Good Meat, Getting Late, Let’s Eat. Heard that on the movie THUNDER ROAD, it was Robert Mitchem’s son saying the blessing. After he finished saying grace, his grandma back handed him away from the table onto the floor.