Crosby school district honors local media and school staff

Star Courier publisher Gil Hoffman accepts award from Superintendent Don Hendrix and the Crosby School Board (in the background).


CROSBY – The school board gave plaques and certificates of merit to local media representatives, staff and educators at their August 21 meeting.
In addition to the regular business and problems tackled by the school board, they awarded a Crosby ISD Media 2006 Honor Roll to Gilbert Hoffman, Publisher of the Star-Courier and to David Taylor, editor of the Sentinel.
Dr. Don Hendrix said, “Sometimes in society today, we see the media vilified as the enemy of public education, quite frankly, Crosby ISD is lucky to have two local papers that treat education as important.”

“Before the meeting today I was sitting here discussing some of the problems other districts are having and some solutions with the owner, sometimes writer, sometimes janitor, and full time architect of the Highlands – Crosby Star-Courier. He also visits schools in Huffman, Baytown, Barbers Hill, Dayton, has intense interest and concern for North Forest ISD, Aldine and other districts. We are lucky to have the Association of School Boards give this award to Gil Hoffman for being part of the Media Honor Roll.”
With that recognition the board then honored In-Service Staff contributions with certificates and of course pay for the extra work. The first certificate awarded went to Ms. Deloise Richardson and Ms. Ann Hill 5th and 6th Grade Language Arts Teachers for their “Guided Reading” presentation.
Frieda Berotte and Dana Akers Fourth Grade Language Arts Teachers were honored for “Using Effective Teaching Techniques and Strategies to Support Student Learning.”
Karen Walthall, Francis Tisdale, Alicia Price, Debbie Holmelin and Donna Davenport are third through sixth grade teachers that constructed a workshop “Manipulatives Are the Tendons of Learning.”
At Summer conferences Crosby was well represented. Patricia Franta, Karen Walthall and Francis Tisdale made presentations at the biggest Math Conference in the state.
Lynda Kubin and Rosanne Joseph presented “Sharing the Workload” at the TCASE Conference.
Staff development required special attention to development of reading skills in the lower grades. Suzanne Day, Rosanne Joseph, Kim Houser, Barbara Barrett, Nancy Stephens, Gail Bartz, Carol Swenson, Asa Kinnebrew, Debbie Vincent, Phyllis Gilliam and Renee Guillory were specially recognized for “Implementations: Small Group Phonics in grades Kindergarten through Third Grade.