Crosby: Our second home

It is early morning, January 7, and I pen these words before heading out for church. This afternoon we begin the process of packing our bags for the 1,240-mile trip to Dave’s home in Newport. That is a long trip for us and we are thankful that he is here to help us with the driving. I’m rather anxious to see Crosby, Houston, etc. once again. I enjoy our visits there. We expect to be there this time for about three months.

Our visit will not be without some sadness as we have lost two dear friends in your community since our last visit.
Jim, “Jimmy,” Hays passed on in October, 2006. He lived just two doors from Dave and had become a family friend over these past six years. Jimmy was active in many ways in Newport and Crosby and I’m certain has been missed by a number of people.
We have had some communication, direct and through Dave, from Jim’s spouse, Georgia, since his passing and we are looking forward to seeing her again. However, it will not be the same since we will not be seeing Jimmy’s smile, his big howdy, and seeing him riding by on his golf cart heading for his favorite past-time.
The other loss is that of one Leonard Greenwade of the Crosby Methodist Church. We have been attending church there most Sundays we are in Crosby since Dave relocated to Crosby almost seven years ago. Leonard was a mainstay at the front door for the early service and always greeted us with a big smile, friendly handshake and kind words of welcome. For the past six winters we have attended church there every winter Sunday and I don’t think there was a Sunday morning we did not find Leonard at the front door.
It will not seem the same when we enter that door this year and not find him at his post. He, and son Kyle, also took up the offering and otherwise served as ushers for the early service each Sunday as well. I’m going to feel a little sadness when I enter for the first time this year—probably next Sunday.
As in the past we are looking forward to seeing the changes that have come to Crosby since last April. I know there are new businesses and I can’t imagine there now several new homes in Newport. Sometime during our visit Linda and I will be going over most streets looking at the newest of the new.
Family pet, Maggie, and I will soon resume our twice-daily walks in the Sea Palms, Challenger area of Newport and will see many friends and acquaintances during these strolls. I look forward to seeing all the youngin’s that come forth and give Maggie a big welcome. She is quite friendly and always returns the greetings. Maggie was a mere pup during our first visit and still has a lot of that puppy vigor.
If things go well, we should be arriving in Newport the same day or perhaps the day before you read this column. See you then.
Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my home!