Rhinopak sold to new investor group

HIGHLANDS– The largest private employer in this community, with a history dating back almost 80 years, has been sold to a new group of investors that intend to run the company with experience and an eye to profit growth.
Sales papers were signed last week which transferred ownership and management from the John Mecom group in Houston, to Ed Davis of Kingwood, and a group of additional investors that are experienced in the blending and packaging business, which is Rhinopak’s core business.
The new company will be known as ZXP Technologies. This is a new business entity, not related to any other existing company, according to officials.

The operation of the company is not expected to change a great deal, except for the experience that the new management team will bring.
Davis’s group is familiar with the blending and packaging business, while the Mecom group was more involved in oil related businesses. The previous president, Hoyt Thomas, has left the company but according to statements at an employee meeting this Monday, most other personnel will be retained.
Rhinopak has seen full employment and continued growth in volume in recent years, and this trend will continue.
Rhinopak, previously known as Hi-Port Inc., Hi-Port Industries, Smith Canning, and Elena Farms Fruit & Cotton, has seen many owners over the years, and its business has changed from fruit canning, to petrochemical and agricultural product blending, packaging, and distribution.
One of its most important products is the blending and packaging of automotive antifreeze. Rhinopak was known for providing most of that product sold in the United States, under many brand names of oil companies.