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Posts published in “Day: March 1, 2007

Local distance runner qualifies for Boston Marathon

LIBERTY—When the runners line up at the starting gate to the 2008 Boston Marathon one of Liberty’s own will be among the numbers.
Robert Dunn qualified for the Boston event by scoring a time of 3:16.45 at the ATT Austin Marathon on Feb. 18. Dunn said that he has always wanted to run in Boston but to get there you have to make the cut in one of a series of sanctioned events. To make Boston in his age group he had to finish in less than three hours, 20 minutes.
“The Boston Marathon is the biggest in the country, maybe the world,” Dunn said. “It’s famous and I really wanted to be part of it.”
The Boston Marathon takes place each April, but do not look for Dunn this year.
“The qualifying time is good for two years,” he said. “But there isn’t enough time for me to make reservations and prepare for this year so I will continue to train and run in 2008.”

Dunn, who can be found at the B.J. Ford dealership in Liberty during the week, said that his dad got him interested in running as well as some friends who are also distance runners.
“The training helps me stay in shape all year round,” he added. When he first got into running Dunn said that he started small with three-mile courses. He then moved up to 10K runs, which are 6.2 miles. “The 10Ks really helped me learn how to set my pace.”
Pace, Dunn set, is important when running long distances. At the Austin event there were a group of volunteers called pace groups. Each group carried a sign with a specific finishing time as they travel the course. If a runner keeps up with a specific pace group he can closely estimate his finish time. Knowing he needed the 3:20 mark, Dunn said that he kept pace with the 3:15 group, which allowed him to average 7 minutes 31 seconds per mile.
Despite qualifying this year, Dunn is no novice to marathons. He has completed 22 marathons including ones in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio but this is his first time at the big one.
“Another advantage to waiting until next year (2008) is that I can have a lot of family and friends there to cheer me on.”
Legend says that the marathon dates back to 490 B.C. when the Persian Empire invaded Greece. Following a battle at Marathon in which a small Greek force defeated a larger Persian force a messenger carried the victory message on foot to Athens. Depending on which account is believed, the distance was between 21.4 and 25.3 miles.
In the first Olympics in 1896, the run was commemorated by a new competition. In 1908, the British Royal Family changed the distance to 26.2 miles so that they could see the runners from the balcony of the royal palace.

Pilot Club Fair in Highlands celebrates “Community”

By Sue Norris
The Pilot Club of Highlands 9th Annual Community Fair was held last Saturday at the Highlands Elementary School. Winners of the bicycles and helmets, which the club donated, are Mayla Moore and Brandon Forsyth, they were two happy children. Displayed at the fair on one of the wall were hangings used when members of the club presents a puppet show to local day care facilities and other locations. They where painted by Laura, Bonita Tankursley (club coordinator of BrainMinders Division) and a few other members. Also, the club participated at the first Highlands Volunteer Fire Dept. Safety Fair. BrainMinders is one of the Pilot Clubs’ programs. Which consist of teaching and showing our children to be aware of, how and why they should protect their brain by being safe at whatever they may be doing.

Winners of the Raffle are as follows; 1st Drawing – Apple iPod 30GB, Dehlia Mullins; 2nd Drawing – Samsung Mini DV Digital Camcorder, Margaret Webb; 3rd Drawing – Craftsman 3 gal Air Compressor, Jose Plancarte; 4th Drawing – Basket of Gift Cards, F. L. Conley and 5th Drawing – Crocheted Afghan (donated by Betty Michalsky), David Kostka. Also, Mac Cottle was the winner of a gold and diamond heart necklace.
We are a group of ladies that volunteer by choice. We would not be able to do the projects that we do for our community, if it wasn’t for all of you. We would like to thank each and everyone of you for making our fair another successful event.

Are weddings better the second time ‘round?

Last freeze?
Lost a third of the tomato crop due to the recent freeze; fortunately only nine plants were in the ground. Ole sod buster from Highlands didn’t lose a plant and he has sixty tomato plants in the ground.
He has his purple martin houses up as well and says it’s time. Off I go to the car wash this morning and washed the bird house as well as myself. Nasty job!

Fish find
Broke down and bought a package of tilapia fish (filets) this past Friday which turned out to be better than catfish. It has a firmer meat and no worms were found.
Liked it so much that we had them again the next day. Fried that is, the way fish were meant to be cooked.

Second wedding blues
One can sure tell spring is in the air or just around the corner; with the runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing; even wake myself up sneezing sometimes while still in a deep sleep.
Had a bad dream last night and glad nature called and woke me up. Was fixing to get married again to some unknown and for an unknown reason. Thanks Ma Nature!
Both me and the Mrs. agree that neither of us will get married again. Took 38 years to train this one and don’t have the patience or energy to go thru all of that again.
Going from Word Perfect to Microsoft Office Word is a whole lot easier to do than getting married again.
Lots of folks have said that after the second or so marriages they will never get married again. Know some that have been married so many times that they have rice marks on their face.
Those long, lonesome nights sure do get boring by yourself, others have said.
One ole boy said he’ll get one who cannot speak English while another says he’ll get him a young one. Another said the next one will be for money instead of lust.
A companion or friend sure makes the time go by and a good cure for the lonesome’s.
Somebody to talk to and listen sure takes the monotony out of the day.
Do like to get some of my lady friends who are widowed and all. “You ain’t got married again yet?”
Some reply quickly with a “Hell No” while others say different.
How about you? If you lost your mate, would you consider marriage again?
Shacking up will get you in trouble, but it seems the way most are going now days.

Hendrix: A gentleman and scholar

Crosby will soon be losing one of its fine Civil Servants. According to the lead article in last week’s Star-Courier, Dr. Don Hendrix will be retiring as superintendent of the Crosby ISD. He has served in that position for the past twenty-one years.
Certainly I did not know Hendrix as well as most of you in the Crosby area. I have been in his office on three occasions—twice in early 2006 and once about two weeks ago. We have had a few telephone contacts as well. I was impressed during my contacts with this man. He was not only well versed in his responsibilities as a school executive but was a fine gentleman as well.

During my first visit to his office last year while working on a story for the Star-Courier, he found I was a visitor to the area, and invited me to go for a ride with him. He spent more time with me than he probably could afford and certainly more than I deserved. As we went from one ISD school site to another site he kept talking about what he saw in the past, present and future of the Crosby school system.
This was a pleasant and informative trip that I will long remember. I believe Crosby will be losing one of its fine school leaders when he steps down in just a few months. He has spent 43 years as an educator in Texas schools.
In last week’s Star-Courier article Hendrix was quoted as saying past opportunities had taught him that academic success is not dependent on the wealth of the district but by parent involvement and by motivating the students. Good insight from a man who during his career has served with students from poorer school districts as well as far wealthier ones such as the Alamo Heights District at San Antonio. School administrators sometimes try to throw money at problems rather than additional brain power and initiative.
Now the board has set in motion the process of hiring a replacement. That will not be easy. But, it will be accomplished and the new superintendent will set about to complete some of the projects Dr. Hendrix put in motion and will establish some goals of his/her own. We wish the new superintendent well and feel certain the new retiree will do the same.
Crosby ISD Board President, Sheryl Shaw, said Hendrix would be remembered for his leadership in promoting academic excellence at all levels of the district. I’m certain that is true. Although our relationship has been brief I will remember him as a helpful friend.
Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my home!
Don Springer can be reached at touchlife@world