Corpus trip gets mixed reviews

The family took an enjoyable trip to Corpus Christi about ten days ago. This was the first visit to that fair city for Linda and I and the first time David has been there except for meetings, etc. The furthest West on that road we had ever been previously was to Victoria. I had traveled there on business a number of times years ago (actually to Union Carbide’s plant at Seadrift) and we visited some friends there about four years ago.
The vastness of the State of Texas begins to overtake Linda and me each time we head west. It seems one sees nothing but open range just a few miles west of Houston on any of the roads heading out of town. That has always intrigued us traveling to San Antonio in previous years and Rt. 59 Southwest is even more open. Coming from the hills and mountains of the east we always enjoy traveling through the open countryside. The only time we can see that distance back east is if we are on top of a mountain.
Traveling down this lonesome road from Houston to Victoria one encounters only a few small towns, and 59 goes around them. However, in the past we have visited the enchanting places of Edna, Ganado and Inez. Not much there.

West of Victoria we leave 59 and head more southwest on Rt. 77. Here we encountered two larger towns in Refugio and Sinton. Larger is a relative term as compared to the wide places in the road along 59. We stopped in both of those towns for one thing or another. All the way along we were impressed with the openness.
We found Corpus to be much to our liking. We stayed in a motel right off the beachfront on Ocean Drive and really enjoyed looking out at the gulf side parks and beach along this front. We are more mountain people than beach bums, but we still enjoy a beautiful sight. Corpus Christi and its beach front is just that. Unfortunately, the day following our arrival was the only day we got to do much visiting.
Dave got the flu the next day and I the following, so we mostly saw the inside of our motel rooms. That wasn’t much fun. We had traveled along Padre Island and a few other sites but that was all we got to do. We felt so bad we turned around and returned to Crosby. Missed many of the sights-to-see but will return again in the future. I also wanted to go the 40 miles further south to Kingsville and the King Ranch but that will have to be another day.
We were also in some of the older, and in a few cases, rather rundown sections of the City that could use some improvement but for the most part we saw a city that could easily become one of our favorites.
Now, it is all for another time!
Such are the people, places and things that touch me in my home!