Kitty Boots uses the last of her nine lives

Changed the time on 17 clocks this morning and have one more to go. The most accurate of the clocks are the two atomic clocks and the cell phone which advanced an hour on its own.
If you want to confirm the correct time, go to:
The site also shows where it is daylight and dark on the earth’s surface; interesting site indeed.
Had a death in the family last week, Kitty Boots used all of his nine lives and simply fell over dead one evening while at the Mrs. feet on the recliner. He had been with us now almost sixteen years and was from Polk County, Texas.
Never grew up around cats, the ones who came around our house back in Georgia would end up being grabbed by the tail in a round and out pitch down the hill from my mother. Reminded me of fast pitch softball. Reason for her not liking cats was because she had a pet parakeet and it had free flight of the dining room.
This woman I am married to now likes cats and we are down to two.

Anyway, old Boots brought his bounty to the Mrs. on numerous occasions from mice, rats, birds, snakes, lizards, shrews and moths.
He is outback now under the tree over by the blackberry patch where he used to roll, lay and watch the birds. R.I.P. Boots.
Working on another book or gathering the makings for one. Still debating if there should be a hole punched through the book in the upper left corner. The purpose for the hole is for people to hang the book on a nail in their outhouses. It is an idea anyway, what do you think?
Never realized there is so much proof reading in preparation for print. Like with everything else, it takes time, energy and money.
Had to replant the garden last week as the last frost burnt every tomato, pepper and potato bush that was above ground. Looked like somebody had poured scalding water over the plants. Uncle JC had warned me it was too early to plant but hardheads run in the family.