Last minute gardening

Been doing a lot of lawn work this spring and the ole lawn looks pretty good right now. Soon as the weather broke I started the leaf cleanup around the house and in Dave’s extra next door lot. Lots and lots of leaves, about 65 bags in all. Don’t know who got tired of messing with the bags, me or the pick-up crews that had to pick them up and heave them into the truck. At least I spread them out over several pick-ups.
Also, Linda and I did a lot of work around Dave’s house with flowers bushes, etc. It all looks a lot better, at least to us, and should hold most of the greenery in line for several months, except for a small amount of trimming . I think we put down about 50 bags of mulch. Dave teases me about my back-East mumbling of that word. Instead of “mulch” I have a tendency to say “mulsh.” Oh well, I’ve made him the butt of jokes a few times as well.
Soon I will have to give up this visit to Texas, Crosby and Newport and head back east.

When you read this we will still be here but before another issue of the Star-Courier leaves the presses we will be back in the hills, valleys and mountains of the Appalachians. Been here for eleven weeks this time and it is time to be going home to start the spring lawn work again..
Visits are great fun and lots of good things happen but it is always good to return home as well. One of the advantages of going back to the Eastern Mountains at this time of year is that we get to celebrate the arrival of Spring once again. Here the azaleas are out, the tree leaves our out and buds are showing up on many flowers. It is always good to see Spring.
However, back home it is still relatively cold, trees are still bare and the azaleas have not bloomed. All of that will happen soon after we return. Only problem is I have about 550 ft. of riverbank, about 30 feet from yard to river, that will be covered with leaves. So, I will be tackling leaves again. Not a bad job though as it all looks good when completed. And when the sun comes out brightly the ground turns green alongside the blue of the river waters and one notices Spring is truly here.
We made several new Texas friends again this year as we always do. Some are new neighbors of Dave’s, others are members of the Crosby Methodist Church and others are those we simply met on several occasions while doing the business of life in Crosby.
If we did not meet this year, maybe next, and I will be looking forward to that pleasure. Will see you again in a few months—God willing!
Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my home!