There are still honest people in the world

Newspapers, TV and radio are full of stories concerning people doing the wrong things. Hardly a day goes by that one does not read front-page stories of people in trouble for criminal acts. One would think the world contains nothing but people out for gain at someone else’s expense.
Here is a story that might brighten your day and perhaps instill a little faith in the humans about us. It’s about one Charles Stevens of Highlands.
As the story unfolds we find one of our senior citizen ladies doing her Saturday morning shopping. She had stopped at the Food Town store in Highlands where she found the parking lot full and customers going and coming. She made her way into the store, made her purchases and went through the checkout. As usual she pushed her cart to her car, unloaded the groceries and headed out of the parking lot.

After leaving the parking lot she realized her purse was missing. Frantically, she turned around, returned to the store to report her loss. While talking to the manager, Raymond Gonzales, he asked her name. When she responded he said, “Your purse is at the customer service counter.”
Like most women her pursed contained her life. “My wallet, my money, about 100 credit cards, well maybe not that many, and a host of other items,” she said. “There were enough credit cards for a dishonest person to enjoy a great shopping spree.”
It seems the above mentioned Charles Stevens is responsible for keeping the Food Town parking lot free of buggies. In the process of making his rounds he found the lady’s purse and returned it to the manager. All of the contents were intact.
The frantic customer was highly pleased and relieved at getting her purse returned. So much so, she wanted to share the honesty of Stevens with others and she told me the story. Now I have relayed it to you.
Certainly Stevens should be complimented for his honesty and he, his manager and all of Food Town can be proud of this Highlands worker. I would like to think all people would follow Stevens’ example but my experience tells me that isn’t the case.
As the customer said in passing on this story, “There are still some honest people in this world?” Yes there are and Stevens is one of them. I offer a tip of my Touch of Life hat to Charles Stevens of Highland’s Food Town.
Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my home!
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