Doin my chores…

My first wife will be at the house this evening, coming back from a trip above the Mason Dixon Line. She has been up there spoiling the already rotten grandkids and her first son.
Yours truly has been in charge of the cat latrine AKA cat box while she’s out moseying around up Nawth.
In addition to the latrine duty, KP duty was also added to the list of chores during her spring break. Have to pull KP duty as well since there is nobody else to run the scullery. With a one butt kitchen, the scullery is in the kitchen.
If I’m coming out of left field for some of you, the scullery is the place to wash dishes. KP duty is kitchen police.

Normally the chief cook is yours truly while the chief bottle washer is the Mrs. She usually swabs the deck too.
Since she’s gone, I got to swab the deck and did; my way.
She uses one of these wussy Swisher things to clean the floor. I broke out the swab that has to be wrung out as the wringer is attached to the swab. This ain’t no sponge mop now.
Swept the deck first then with bleach and water, the deck was swabbed and scrubbed in places. A rinsed swab was then used to get up excess water and bleach.
Seeing as how it would take a while to dry and didn’t want the felines tracking the deck, I used her Swisher to dry the floor. It is nothing more than a wide, narrow piece of towel that has Velcro to attach to the handle.
Needless to say the floor was clean enough to eat off; ask Four Dog if you don’t believe it.
Anyway, after a dozen or so trips thru the kitchen to the garage and the outdoors, there were bits of grass, dirt and such on the nice clean kitchen floor. Aggrr; no wonder she gets right down mean after she swabs the deck and anyone tracks through there. White floor in the kitchen – No Mas!
Learned a long time ago not to track after my mother mopped; she’d hit you in the rear end with a wet mop and once is all it took.