61st Fair & Rodeo sets record Auction

The cowboy skills needed to rope cattle or break a wild horse to saddle were performed with adroit and furor by PRCA Cowboys last Thursday through Saturday.

CROSBY – Harkening to Old West roots with a rollicking display of cowboy skills and Texans’ helping hands, the Crosby Fair & Rodeo put on a show to be remembered and a record setting auction last week.
Wednesday, the auction brought in a record $230,000 all totalled. A key contributor to this success, Mr. Wilton Owens donated to round all Grand Champion purchases up to $1,000 minimum. A large crowd was on hand and occasionally bidding was frantic.
According to Gary “Strawberry” Clifton, the funds raised at the auction creates a check directly to the youngsters that raised the livestock and although the cost of raising animals has gone up there is plenty of profit to motivate the kids to the auction. It is then a direct benefit to participants with many a life lesson involved.
Funding raised year long at various events up to and including the P.R.C.A. Rodeo and concerts (the show) contribute to the scholarship fund. Five (5) $3,000 agriculture scholarships were awarded to 5 Crosby High School seniors that met strict criteria for continued education. This year Austin Blancet, Trey Buck, Ashley Cormier, Clayton Erhlich and Melissa Jennings were recipients.
In addition to these benefits the Crosby Fair & Rodeo sponsors various educational programs and uplifts the community by hosting a unifying wholesome entertainment program that gains recognition throughout the Greater Houston Area.
This year the sport of rodeo seemed to draw somewhat less of crowds than the performances from Wade Bowen, Stoney LaRue, Aaron Watson, Jason Boland, Blaine Larsen and Charlie Robison.