Odd smells from the kitchen

Think you could eat 59 _ hotdogs? A 22-year-old fellow in Tempe, Arizona managed to gobble down that many and broke the world record of 53 _. Talk about being as full as a tick.
Big Momma is fussing this weekend because of the odor in the house. Yesterday it all started with red potatoes which were on boil with pickled (whole) jalapenos. A strong odor indeed, but the finished potatoes are very good and tasty.
Then the wine batch was transferred to a glass jug (carboy) and capped with an airlock. With each bubble of the airlock out comes an odor of fermenting wine and it too is pungent. It is gurgling every 12 seconds or so.
Dared not tell her that it might take several months for the wine to stop bubbling; at least the jalapeno odor masked the yeasty smell for a while.
This is a second attempt at making blackberry wine as the last batch a few years ago started to mold and it was tossed out the back door with the dish water.
Directions for making this batch came from Rome, Georgia and Billings, Montana. Both instructors are in the medical profession and their instructions were crystal clear.

The cousin in Montana said she hopes the batch does not blow up because of excess sugar. Was told the more sugar added the higher alcohol content so you know me.
Of course I told her that making the wine is just a step up from making corn liquor except that the wine does not smell near as bad as sour mash from corn and water. That smells so bad it would knock a buzzard off a gut wagon.
Moving on now, one of my buddies told me of another friend saying when she cranked her car, the entire dash shook from vibration. Long story short, after looking under the hood, she could not find anything so off she went. A few days later a horrible odor was coming from under the hood of the car.
Apparently a Copperhead had crawled up and into the fan shroud as far as it could get but got caught when the car was cranked. Needless to say, she got somebody to get the dead snake out and she has moth balls scattered where she parks the car.