Return of the hummingbirds

The hummingbirds are in migration across Texas on their way to Central and South America for the winter. If you have feeders up, you know what I’m talking about.
A magazine had a picture of a lady sitting and holding a small red container with hummingbirds gathered around on her finger. Great photo opportunity, so yours truly tried attracting the birds. They would hover about two feet from me but no closer. It is amazing to see a hummingbird that close and to hear the small bird with the drone sound of their wings flapping at 15 – 80 times per second.
The hummingbirds paid more attention to me than getting a drink.
While reading about the woman holding the birds, the article said it says it took a few days for them to get used to her hanging around next to the feeders daily for them to land on her finger.
Didn’t know it but hummingbirds are carnivores and the sugar water is just for fuel to power their fly catching activity. They have to fly south to get the bugs that can’t handle freezing weather.

Several years ago, yours truly walked up behind a hummer on a feeder and picked it up. Lil thing must have been sleeping as it was so easy to do and I let the Mrs. hold it for a second before letting it go. That’s bragging rights.
This hot weather has brought my peppers into the production mode if they are picked regular.
Granddaughter was here yesterday so she and the Mrs. picked peppers, bringing in nearly a colander full; mostly Tabasco Peppers by the front door and Cayenne from the back garden.
Having that many peppers, I couldn’t see letting them go to waste so I whooped up a batch of chowchow this morning using one head of cabbage and four yellow onions. No green tomatoes to be found at several supermarkets as they are scarce as hens’ teeth this time of year.
Tried sampling some of the finished product with Frito’s and only took two bites to say no mas. Not sure if allowing this batch to sit for six months or so will calm it down and take some of the heat out or not.
Read an interesting note the other day it says, a person’s true character is revealed by what he does when no one is watching.