Retirement starts for familiar Highlands face

BETTYE ROSSER’s last day at Woodforest Bank included lots of cake and decorations from her co-workers

HIGHLANDS– Almost everyone in town knows Bettye Rosser. Maybe you have been doing business with her for the last 6 years at Woodforest Bank. Maybe you have dealt with her at Gerland’s Supermarket the 17 years before that. Maybe you remember her from her days at Ronnie’s, or Lewis & Coker in Baytown. Maybe you have read some of her poetry, in the Star-Courier or at her Poetry Club, the IWA in Pasadena Town Square. Maybe you have seen her in church, at Joy Lutheran on Beltway 8, or before that at Grace Lutheran in Channelview.
Whew. I think you get the idea. Bettye has done a lot of things in her lifetime, and now she deserves a rest.
What will she do? She and her husband Dale will travel some, perhaps to Rockport for some fishing and bird watching.

And she will catch up on her reading, and some poems that are waiting to be written. She is president of the IWA, you know, the Inspirational Writers Alliance.
And she can visit family. Lots of family. Bettye has 5 living and one deceased children. You know many of them. Lisa Vickers, Pastor Beau Rosser, Mark, Tinker and Sharlon.
And then there are the 18 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren.
Born in Monticello, Arkansas, she and her husband came to Texas in 1973, and bought a home close to Baytown, after their cotton mill closed in Arkansas. She has worked at the bank since 2001. Her husband is retired now, from Hy-Vac Corp., where he supervised environmental construction.
Bettye said she will miss her co-workers and customers, who held a nice day-long party for her last Friday, as she finished up at Woodforest Bank in Highlands. And you can be sure that we will miss Bettye, too.