Coast Guard searches vehicles at Lynchburg Ferry

LYNCHBURG – Recently morning commuters who use the Lynchburg Ferry to cross the ship channel found an unusual delay as deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and members of the Coast Guard conducted vehicle searches.
Sgt. David Crain, with Harris County, said that joint operation took place Feb. 21 and 28 for about three to four hours each morning,
Crain said that departments have worked together in the past to ensure the safety of the ship channel. Under the federal Maritime Safety Transportation Act the Coast Guard, acting under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security, can search vehicles boarding watercraft on public waters.
Crain said that his department’s role in the operation was to provide equipment and manpower. “We lend support to them (the Coast Guard), but it’s their operation. We look for local warrants and provide transportation to the jail if needed.”
During the operation, Crain said that 21 people were arrested mostly for open warrants and drug possession.