Crosby Sports opens big

Judge Tony Polumbo throws out the the First Pitch for the Girls and Boys of Summer after a fabulous parade with a throng of watchers and multiple floats on April 5 at Michalsky Field.

CROSBY – The thrill of a beautiful day, the fabric of American character and the gleam of self actualization in the eyes of youngsters made last Saturday seem more of an opera than just the start of games but it was baseball and softball.
The games loom large here, not only because Justin Towles (a local youngster that started on these same fields now playing for the Houston Astros) hit two home runs last weekend.
“I think baseball is absolutely the greatest sport a young person can play,” said Judge Tony Polumbo before throwing out the first pitch, “Little League is the thing I remember most fondly about growing up. The wholesomeness, the families taking time to put on something for their children. This is what America is really all about. Making it better for the generation that comes after us.”
Teams squared off to play showing good sportsmanship in six fields.
This year, the best raffle sellers were James Tutor, Cody Riendreau and Zachary Taylor.
This year winning floats were Wee Ball 1st place Gators, 2nd place Longhorns. Tee-Ball was won byThe Crosby Cowboys. The Pirates were in second place. The Sweeties were best represented by the Lady Bugs, followed by the Pink Panthers. The Darlings were proudest of the Lady Longhorns then the Red Hots. The Angles found the Dirt Surfers most celestrial and the Bayou Bells as second. The P-Wee found rough estimate from the Warriors aand the BabCats next. The Minors found the Longhornns in first followed by the Tigers.