Restaurant, hotel chains consider Crosby sites

CROSBYÑ The words growth and Crosby seem to have been synonymous for the past few years. Now it may continue again.
The Star-Courier has picked up information from at least two sources that interest in the building of another strip-mall along 2100 is being considered. A group of Dallas investors has made at least two inquiries in the past six months concerning the building of a strip-mall, with ChiliÕs Grill and Bar as the anchor, along the highway.
According to information provided the Star-Courier the first inquiry came shortly before Christmas, 2007. This newspaper picked that information up in early February and has been awaiting further confirmation. A second source provided similar information a few days ago. It would appear there is certainly room for such a mall on several sections of 2100 and it is believed the popular ChiliÕs chain would be a welcome attraction to the area.
Knowing that water and sewers are a continuing concern we contacted Crosby Municipal Utility District Board Member, Jerry Blizzard concerning further verification.

He told the Star-Courier that he has received no such inquiries about such a mall. However, he added, that if such is being considered his office should be contacted as building the mall Òwould have sewer problems south of Krenek Road and water problems north of Krenek.Ó
Certainly this newspaper and most likely the general population of the Crosby area would like to see such a mall added to the business climate for the area. The population continues to grow at a rapid rate with additional individual houses, new housing developments and 175 to 200 houses being added annually in Newport.
In other developments we have learned that inquiries have been made concerning the building of a new grocery store at the intersection of 2100 and 1960 in Huffman. It came from the developer representing a mid-sized grocery chain.
During the past couple of years rumors about inquiries from hotel chains locating in Crosby have been rampant. One of those, to be located on the ground currently housing the Frenz bar, appears to be some distance in the future.
The first inquiry is on more solid footing. A builder representing a major hotel chain has received approval from the local MUD office for water and sewer services if such a structure is built. According to Star-Courier sources it would be located between old Rt. 90 and new Rt. 90 near Keating Chevrolet. The builder has plans to erect a four-story structure. He originally represented Best Western but more recently indicated it would be a Holiday Inn.