Crosby ISD offers shelter & recovery

Crosby ISD staff and students help distrubute bags of ice at the high school.

The story of Ike will be told and retold from many viewpoints. From outages and property damage to heroism and helping hands, Ike’s memory will not quickly fade. We will do well to remember how so many did so much for the Crosby community. Crosby ISD opened the high school as an emergency shelter from Friday at 2:00 pm to Saturday afternoon providing protection from the hurricane for over 600 people. With the help of constables and many volunteers, the district provided food, water and safety to families and pets. A special thanks to Dr. Marley Morris, Crosby H. S. principal, who spearheaded the district’s efforts at the high school relief shelter.

On, Sept. 17, FEMA utilized the high school grounds for a Point of Distribution (POD) where thousands from the community were able to receive ice, water and meals ready to eat (MREs) for several days. The National Guard, who orchestrated the FEMA efforts, noted that they had never seen a community help out as much as they did in Crosby. The Guard members were impressed by the number of people volunteering, how much they helped and the hospitality they experienced from everyone.

Examples of service abound throughout the district. A Texas-size ‘Thank you!” goes out to the district’s athletes who cleared the debris from about 30 local homes. Other notes of appreciation include all those students, staff, parents and community members who helped with the POD for several days. Students from JROTC, Student Council, Drama and other organizations all contributed their time and effort to help those in need. Helping out with running forklifts for the POD included Ernie Roder and Jared Barrett.

A special note of appreciation for two outstanding people whose leadership, help and heart knew no bounds during and after the storm: Superintendent Mike Joseph and Director Maintenance & Facilities, Chuck Murray. Their countless hours of devotion provided the community at large with guidance, encouragement and motivation. Though Crosby has no mayor or city council, these two men led the charge for both relief and recovery efforts. Mike Joseph and Chuck Murray’s crusade of help and hope will always be remembered by the Crosby community and those of us who call them friend, neighbor and colleague.