Where’s our overpass?

I’m disturbed!

No, I’m upset!

Nay, I’m more on the angry side!

The subject of my wrath is the lead article in the October 16, Star-Courier telling of the once again delay of the Crosby railroad overpass on Rt. 2100.

I just couldn’t believe it when I read that article. Writer Lewis Spearman said it was the third time the project had been delayed and I reacted to that. I thought it had been delayed more often. However, after discussions with Lewis and others I guess it just seemed to me the delays were more frequent.

My first ever trip to Crosby was in May of 2001 when the trip was made to assist in my son’s move from inside the 610 Loop in Houston to Newport. A move I have seen as a fine one from the first time I laid eyes on Crosby, Newport and the rest of the area. I think, and have said previously, I believe you live in a desirable section of Texas and the U.S.

Rumors, and perhaps some facts were floating around the area then about straightening out portions of Rt. 2100 and the much-needed overpass. I’ve been in the area for at least three months each year since then and believe that overpass should be high on the list of area needs..

When the last delay occurred and the announcement was made that some work would begin in early 2009 I said to myself, “it is about time.” I was pleased. Now, since no date has been given for its construction date, I wonder if it is all a figment of my imagination. At least, when it was delayed earlier, dates were set when construction would begin.

It appears to me Crosby, and environs, is not exactly high on the needs lists for the Texas Department of Transportation. I am also disturbed in the way this delay was announced… It appears the decision was made earlier but kept undercover for some period of time.

It also appears consideration of the Union Pacific Railroad, owners of the local tracks, was at least a partial cause for this delay. Another track may be needed, and that is all well and good, but can’t ways be worked out to allow for that and still build the overpass? I wonder if the Union Pacific holds a bigger stick than the people of Crosby?

The overpass needs to happen in my view.