Hit & Run calls for LifeFlight

Detectives seek damaged white truck

CROSBY – Last Saturday at about 7:27 p.m. deputies were told of a man struck by a white pickup truck that just sped up afterward on First St.

The truck described as a newer model Chevy Extended Cab turned from the northbound side of FM 2100 and struck a 29 year old man walking with a woman of the same last name in the opposite direction on the right side of the road.

The truck was reportedly damaged on the front, right side corner, the passenger side mirror was left at the scene and the front right side corner panel was left in the neighborhood yard. The impact was estimated to be in the center right side of the grill.

The woman was not struck by the truck but it was said she had a narrow miss.

Frankly, the hitting of a pedestrian could be done inadvertently by almost anyone, the driving away afterward makes this a crime. It also makes it erasable from the mind of the driver until they come to terms with what they have done. Reportedly, there were neighbors in the front yard at the time of the accident but the description of the truck was given by the woman walking with the victim.

Harris County Sheriff’s Traffic Division Investigators would be interested in more details, they can be reached at (713) 674-5393. Had Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies been given letters or number of the license plate, the gender of the driver or other details – the case might have already been solved.

Crosby VFD and ESD#5 medics were reportedly on the scene a few minutes after 7:15 p.m. and a LifeFlight helicopter took the pedestrian to Hermann Hospital. He was listed in stable condition before the flight.