Crosby overpass and a trip down South

Had lunch with Star-Courier staff member Lewis Spearman a couple of weeks ago. We talked about a number of things in and around Crosby. Was pleased this past Thursday to pick up the paper and read his article on the 2100 overpass progress. It was obvious that something was up when we noticed right-of-way clearance going on just south of the railroad tracks.

Can’t tell you how pleased I am we are seeing some progress being made there. I have been disturbed for the past two or three years of the on-schedule, off-schedule movements by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Now the contract is set to be let in January of next year and construction started in the Spring of 2010. If we get to return to this area again next year I surly hope to see the first shovel full of dirt moved during our stay. During the delays the cost has jumped from a projected $6.8 million to $13.19 million — just about double the original estimates.

That overpass not only will make a difference in the traffic, now and later, on 2100 but will also rid the town of some poor structures which have several years on them. That should improve some of the aesthetics.

A Trip South

Last week the Springer’s went Southwest again to visit Corpus Christi for the third year in a row. During the seven years we have visited here during the winter we have spent some time in the San Antonio area and one winter we spent about a week in Mexico City.

During our visit last week we did the usual things around Padre and Mustang Islands and the coastal area of Corpus. We expected some rain during the latter part of the week (which did occur) so we did most of our outside site-seeing during the early part of the week.

One day we drove out to Alice to visit that small town for the first time. I bought a band for my cowboy hat and a nice leather case for Linda’s cell phone. That will be unique back home in West Virginia.

Later that same day we headed down to Kingsville where we stopped for a short time and revisited the King Ranch. Then we headed further down Rt. 77 to the small village of Riviera, drove East to Riviera Beach and had a meal at a good restaurant — Baffin Bay Café. That is as far South as we have visited in Texas.

During my 35 year career with Union Carbide Corporation I got to every stateside chemical plant it had except the one at Brownsville. Maybe next time we’ll see more of the South Texas coast.

Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my home.