N.P.O.A.N. clarifies facts in fire article

Seven Oaks is a section of Newport that was being developed by Modelo Development L.P. At the time it was purchased by Modelo, there were no deed restrictions in place that could be enforced by the NPOAN. Modelo had the sections platted through Harris County and agreed to impose restrictive covenants upon the platted lots in exchange for the agreement of NPOAN to accept Seven Oaks as a section of Newport.

Prior to the utilities being connected in Seven Oaks, Kara Custom Homes (on behalf of individual owners) submitted requests to the Architectural Control Committee of NPOAN to construct four homes in Seven Oaks. The Architectural Control Committee of NPOAN approved the elevations for the homes and advised Kara that there were no utilities and suggested that they not commence construction at that time.

The NPOAN did not approve the “development”. Prior to occupancy of homes in Seven Oaks, the NPOAN only has the responsibility of approving elevations for new home construction and other structures. The NPOAN also has no authority or involvement with arrangements for utilities to be provided to this section. Water and sewer are provided through Newport MUD.

On December 2, 2008 Woodforest National Bank foreclosed on all of Seven Oaks except for twelve lots which had previously been sold by Modelo to individuals (four of these lots contain homes including the one which burned). Newport Development Joint Venture is the “developer” of Newport and has no connection whatsoever with Seven Oaks or Modelo Development.

On January 23, 2009, Modelo Development filed for bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Texas, Austin Division.

Any questions regarding the water supply should be directed to Newport MUD. Their attorney is Lori Ayett and her telephone number is (713) 652-6500.

On behalf of the NPOAN Board of Directors and NDJV the developer of Newport, thank you again for agreeing to print a correction to your article.

Carol Jones

Publisher’s Note: The Star-Courier would like to thank the NPOAN for their clarification and correction of statements made in the article about a fire in an abandoned house structure in Newport, that ran in the newspaper last week.