U.S. 90 ahead of schedule, Overpassed delayed again

HOUSTON – The overpass contract letting has been delayed until July and the date of completion of the connection of U.S. 90 to IH610/IH10 has been moved up to February of 2011.

A Texas Dept. of Transportation (TXDoT) designer, Jorge Garcia, indicates that the letting of contracts for the Overpass of the Union Pacific Railroad on FM 2100 will, “almost certainly be let in July, the money is there and there are still issues with utilities but it has been approved. The design phases have been completed now, in fact; most were completed in November of last year. ”

Another designer indicated, “The plan is now done, it has been sent to division headquarters. Phase work should begin August 31.”

A TXDoT engineer for the U.S. 90 to IH-610/IH10 indicates that if not for utility issues the project might have already been completed.

The U.S. 90 to IH-610/IH10 connection began in 1955 as a proposal of the Houston Transportation Plans to be the Northeast Freeway, now it is being termed, The Crosby Freeway by just about everyone. In 1959 the plans were officially adopted as a necessity. In the 1970s the IH- 610/IH10 connection was constructed with provisions for connections to the future U.S. 90 Freeway.

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