Flying wish made real

Mr. Carl Hite

CROSBY – ‘Oh, to slip the surly bounds of Earth’ with one’s craft under one’s own control, was a wish come true for a local man last Saturday as he made a list of things he would like to do as he faces Cancer and having decided not to undergo treatments again.
His daughter Connie summed it up concisely, “My dad told me last year that on his bucket list was to build his own boat and to fly a plane. I’m a hair dresser so when you when you sit in my chair you kind of tell me everything. About 2 weeks ago the doctor told us he has 6 months to live so we decided to make it happen.

My brother asked me then what would I do if he lives another 5 years, then what are you going to do?”
According to Terry Dunham, “This is a private field and his daughter found me on the internet and asked if we could take care of getting her dad a chance to pilot a plane. I’m a Cancer survivor myself so whenever I get a chance to make something good happen for someone in that condition, I do my best to make it happen.”
Wife Sharon made introductions to the Hite clan, “Our sons, daughters, and grandchildren are all here for support, just a couple of our step sons could not make it.”
In a few minutes conversation with Carl or his sons, Carl Jr., or Michael almost anyone feels right at home – the jokes flow and the observations are couched in humor. With young and old around there was a festive atmosphere to the airplane flight even if the overhanging clouds did not see fit to provide ideal flying visibility. Hite worked for a couple of papers back in the 1950’s including the Conroe Courier, has the low key, down home affect mastered.
After a talk about worst case scenarios from Pilot Bossler, the daughter that arranged the flight and granddaughter Amy boarded the plane following Carl and the flight began.
Upon return, Hite stated, “Flying is something I would do a lot more of if it was always like that. We went out to Hawaii and that was the worst trip I ever took, nothing but sitting for 7 or 8 hours and we did not have the best seats on the plane either.”
Of the overcast flight itself he said, “We went to Liberty then Mont Belvieu and took off again. We came back across Connie’s house, wiggled our wings there. Got a picture of her house, I told her I could have got that picture off of Google Earth and closer.”
He smiled after the teasing, “It was a good trip. I didn’t land. It would have been ticklish but I’d have tried it.”