San Jacinto Day nets national attention

Above the reenactor playing survivor of the Battle of the Alamo

LA PORTE – Last Saturday a record crowd of about 30,000 visitors attended the San Jacinto Day and Reenactment and hear a special message from Congressman Ted Poe, R. 2nd Cong. Dist. concerning the values that led to the conflict and the importance of those values today.
The reenactment commemorates the events of April 21, 1836 in which a force of somewhere between 783 and 900 Texian Revolutionaries defeated Generalissimo De Santa Anna by inflicting 630 deaths, 208 wounds and taking 730 prisoners. Texian casualties were said to be 23 wounded, 6 mortally and 3 killed also conflictingly recorded as 9 killed and 30 wounded.
It would be Santa Anna De Lopez that would cross from Lynch’s Ferry and take up positions in 3 Square miles surrounded by the San Jacinto River as General Sam Houston hatched a plan to make a surprise attack at Siesta making best use of Sidney Sherman’s Cincinnati, Ohio Kentucky Riflemen (avenging Davy Crockett) and bringing with them the Twin Sisters (2 six pound Napoleons.) The 18 minute battle converted more land to a new nationality than most major wars.