Media Frenzy calms on Mass Killing story

LIBERTY, TX–On Tueday, June 7, 2011 the Sheriff’s Office received a call from a psychic alleging that approximately 30 bodies were dismembered at a property located in the intersecction of County Roads, between Hardin and Daisetta in Liberty, TX.
Sheriff’s Office along with Beamount FBI and DPS search the place. The Texas Rangers after going to the residence with a search warrant also help on searching the premises for any clue to solve the case.
Officials said after doing a search inside and outside the residence nothing was found. The search included cadaver dog.
“There was a tip but no bodies have been found,” said Liberty County Judge Craig McNair. “No bodies were found inside the house.”
The only thing authorities found was a bad smell from a rotting garbage.
Law enforcement said the call may have been a hoax and “prosecutors could pursue charges against the tipster,” said McNair.