Crosby has new school dedicated

Masons dedicate new capstone for Crosby Elementary School last Tuesday

CROSBY – The Grand Lodge of Texas including many local Masons from Sampson Lodge #231 placed a cornerstone at Crosby Elementary School with the pupils in attendance.

The solemn ceremony dating back some 300 years with connections to the stone masons of the middle ages was attended by the majority of the Crosby ISD school board, including Mason Gerald Blankenship who reminded those present of the history of the building dating back to 1982. Blankenship also introduced the Masons including the Worshipful Master, the man in the impressive Chain of Office Brian Duncan.

Michael Joseph, former Superintendent of Crosby ISD schools also attended, founding the school was his idea according to Superintendent Keith Moore. Moore introduced the field of speakers and honored guests, including David Park, Project Manager.

“I’d like to formally express my gratitude to the Masons. We are all busy, have busy schedules but this is an important piece for us to formalize the renovation project. I thank you guys for taking your time out to do this. Although we are setting a cornerstone, I think we are teaching our students a lesson about civic duty.” said Moore.

Mr. Duncan explained the formative necessity of Masonic knowledge to building structures. He also described the details of the ceremonies and traditions to the audience.