Commissioner Jack Morman presents new infrastructure projects for Crosby-Newport area

Road improvements planned to S. Diamondhead Blvd in Crosby

By Lewis Spearman

CROSBY – Commissioner Jack Morman spoke here last week and informed the local business population about new roads to be resurfaced, new roads to be built and spraying against mosquitoes.

The commissioner’s discussion of infrastructure was interupted 5 times by applause at the Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce luncheon last Thursday.

Morman became the Commissioner for Crosby after the redistricting was announced on March 31 and he will probably be the County Commissioner for Huffman after November once the current lawsuit is settle over redistricting.

There are two infrastructure  projects that Commissioner Morman started in the last 30 days within the Crosby/Newport area.


Widening of S. Diamondhead. Generated from the response of the Newport HOA meeting – Pct.2 will move forward with engineering tasks to improve S. Diamondhead from Cape Hope to FM 2100. Commissioner Morman has already met with Harris County Engineering Dept. to begin preliminary design. It is the precinct’s intent to bid this project the first quarter of 2013. The estimated project cost is $2 million.

Crosby, Nelson Subdivision & Jackson Bayou Community:


BetterStreets2Neighborhood is the base repair and resurfacing of asphalt streets in the Crosby, Nelson Subdivision, Jackson Bayou Community and outlining areas. This project is already in design and will start construction mid-summer to be complete in 45-60 days. The estimated project cost is $2 million.)

That $2 M. was about the amount awarded to Precinct 2 by Commission’s Court for the equipment that went to Precinct 4 with the new extended land area that Precinct 2 will absorb probably after November from the Redistricting Texas legislation and court rulings.