Crosby football to honor Cody Stephens

By Lewis Spearman

CROSBY – The stunning loss of Cody Paul Stephens last early May left this community stunned, the 6 foot 9 inch football player was an inspiration to his classmates and Church members. Now Crosby High School and Tarlton State University are in the process of honoring is memory.

His father, Scott Stephens, is undergoing the process of establishing a 501C3 charity to bestow scholarships for Crosby High School students. A memorial scholarship fund has been established at Community Bank of Texas N.A.

Early in the football season, the Crosby Cougars will pay a preliminary recognition to Cody and later once all the graphics have been established sometime during the season at a home game the new digital scoreboard will share a special tribute to Cody Stephens, according to Dr. Keith Moore, Superintendent of Crosby ISD.

The press box at Cougar stadium will be painted with the slogan, “Go Big or Go Home.” both in honor of Stephens and in the way of a team brand.

Tarlton State University’s football team won the community service award on campus last year, in honor of scholarship recipient that was unable to attend will rename that award, “Go Big or Go Home” in reference to Cody’s motto and that will be announced on September 8. Anyone wishing to attend that ceremony should contact Scott Stephens.

For over 90 days the family has awaited autopsy results and with the help of the Constable of Precinct 3 a partial report has been issued according to his father, “My friend, Ken Jones, was able to confirm what we thought, it was an enlarged heart related issue. No drugs or any chemicals whatsoever were found in his system. The final report is not complete, and I will let you know when I hear, read the final report. It should be several more weeks. Cody was pushing his big ole’ body to get ready to do what he wanted to do…play college football. His heart had some kind of defect that we knew nothing about.”

Dr. Moore stated that within the next two weeks the repainting of the press box should be accomplished. He also stated that throughout the district the new Crosby Cougar should be uniform as the a brand for the school district. The old and their are about six different Cougars but the one most often used looks entirely too much like Penn State University and the N.C.A.A. had said the district was not to use that one anymore. He also stated that the scoreboard will not be ready until October. He indicated that the big tribute to Cody will wait until the scoreboard is operational and will probably be mid-season.