A YOUNG BOY’S WISH: Ride a big truck then take chemo

Dominic Kasper gets handed from Tower 82 to CVFD Fireman Chris Reed by his father

CROSBY – A little guy won over some big ones last Friday and got a wish fulfilled before he had to go to the Medial Center in Downtown Houston for Chemo-therapy.

Dominic Kasper, his father, Jacob, and mother, Christine, of the Commons in Huffman dropped by Crosby VFD Station 2 in Newport last Friday because Dominic answered his dad’s question, “what would you most like to do?” with “Ride a big ole’ firetruck.”

So, Crosby Volunteer Fire Dept. made sure that happened and Dominic got to ride the biggest fire truck in the District.

During his epic ride in his father’s lap Dominic said, “Bye Bye Momma Bye Bye ambulance,” and “Big Fire Truck.”