Rep. Dan Huberty and Glenda Logsdon President of the Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce talk with Billy Ellison and others following Huberty’s address.

HUFFMAN – Dan Huberty R., 127th Texas District, spoke to the Crosby–Huffman Chamber of Commerce describing accomplishment of the past legislative session at the I.T. May Community Center on Nov. 21.

The widening of FM 2100, preparations for new infrastructure, new legislation to protect fire arm owners, new provisions for a shorter Concealed Handgun License class, balancing the state budget, the cost of education, border security and the amount of testing were some of the subjects covered during his address.

According to Huberty, the state is experiencing growth. In 2010 there were 20 million people here in 2013 there are 26.4 million people here.

The trend indicates that by 2040 the population will double to 50 million. The balanced budget requirements has kept the legilslature working to keep Texas solvent and moving forward.The impact of 1/3 of the nation’s natural gas reserves within this state has helped due to royalties. Today Texas is a donor state to the United States getting back about 87¢ for every dollar sent out while states like California get back $1.10 for every dollar they send into the federal system.

Huberty indicates that about 54% of all state funds go into education. 30% of that into health and human services. The teachers’ retirement fund has been made actuarialy sound. Education Reform was another concern this year, House Bill 5 reduced the required testing for school children from 15 to 5 tests per year.

Huberty talked about the decisions related to Obamacare. The legislature attempted to medite expendatures impacted by healthcare’s increase in cost. He explained why they declined to implement the increase in Medicade.

While the Texas Legilature closely watches the growth of government spending and other States do not, he explained that some cuts were made. He also detailed how small businesses were given a tax relief in the last session.

The legislature provided that those receiving public assistance should be tested for drugs.

His final point was about House Bill 308 introduced by Huberty’s friend, Dwayne Bohac, called the Merry Christmas Bill, it provides that Texan’s have a right to acknowledge traditional winter holidays in school. Children, teachers, and administrators have the right to acknowledge the holidays of Christmas or Chaukkah without reprisal. The final point drew loud applause.