Rep. Smith to lead widening FM 2100, infrastructure plans

Wayne Smith

CROSBY – Representative Wayne Smith, R. 128 when addressing the Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce on Dec. 18 mentioned proposing a widening of FM 2100.

It was the most controversial moment of his address that drew almost unanimous acceptance of his history last year when he penned the Texas House bill to pose law enforcement capability for restricting illegal gambling houses in Harris County, supporting the Merry Christmas House Bill 308 that mandates no punishment for calling a Christmas Tree a Christmas Tree and plans for the next session to “require the school districts to test kids for heart conditions if they are going to be athletes,”

The latter a reference to the Cody Stephens “Go Big or Go Home” Memorial Foundation initiated by Cody Stephen’s father Scott Stephens. The foundation that has thus far enabled the discovery of heart conditions in 32 at risk students.

The question was asked of Smith that since Harris County Commissioner Jack Morman stated that he knew of “no efforts to widen FM 2100 at present and that no funds are currently available to undertake that project.” how could Smith say he was looking into efforts to widen FM 2100 all the way to Huffman and beyond?

Smith answered, “Well, I intend to ask him if he could find the money, at least some money to purchase the right of way if the State can afford most of the work.”

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, the executor of the County, told a Houston audience in December “A lot of what we intend to do in Harris County is focused on transportation.” Emmett then went on to explain that the Port of Houston is sitting poised to be the “gateway for North America,” but “if we don’t provide the transportation infrastructure, they are going to go somewhere else and we will stagnate economically.”

Representatives like Wayne Smith will be voting on the hard hammered transportation bill later this year to determine what funding the state will be able to make available to prepare for this expansion.

Smith’s engineering background has enabled him to understand the technical aspects of roadway needs and to explain the governor’s initiative for the Texas Water Act, passed last November by voters.

Currently demands upon Harris County to be ready for future development are manifold and including a directive from oil interests to hurry construction of Toll Road 99, the Grand Parkway from its western location to the Woodlands. The Woodlands to be the site of new development for a large oil company and then develop the Grand Parkway around to locations where new oil will be pumped from northern locations. Expansion near the Petrochemical Corridor near Highway 6 on Interstate 10 is already evident from the mammoth expansion of Highway 290.

The necessity then for FM 2100, already a traffic jam in the mornings and afternoon traffic to be expanded is becoming more obvious.