Chili Feast winner of car is Betty Brewer

Betty Brewer

HIGHLANDS – What does it take to win a new car? For Betty Brewer, it only took one ticket and a lot of luck. After selling over 50 raffle tickets to her friends, for the chance to win a new Dodge Challenger, or a Ram pick-up truck, she decided to buy one for herself, the night before the drawing at the 39th annual Rotary Chili Feast. So she reached into her bag and pulled out a ticket at random. Only one. And that’s what it took to win the new vehicle.

The audience at the event last Saturday was thrilled when Betty won, because she is known by everyone in town for her hard work and willingness to help others, so it was well deserved that she won something for herself.

Betty has been honored in the past for her generosity and community spirit. She has received awards from the Masonic Lodge #231, the Pilot Club, the Highlands Chamber, the Rotary Club, and Highlands Horizons, as well as sports associations, church, and more. Congratulations Betty, and enjoy your car.

Rotary Chili Feast chair Raymond Gonzalez, and president Aaron Cole, announced that the event had been quite successful, netting about $65,000 which will be used for community projects through the year.

Several hundred persons attended the event, which is always enjoyed for its good chili, renewing old friendships, and the thrill of the auctions and raffle draw.

Rotarians and local businesses sold almost 700 tickets to the raffle, and auctioneer Linn Spell sold about 75 donated items, to help raise the money for the club. There were also silent auction items, and a card draw for a shotgun.

In addition, a number of local businesses contributed as sponsors to the event.

Major sponsors included Edward Jones Investments, Dependable Diesel, Charlie’s Ice House, Amegy Bank, Sterling White Funeral Home, Mega-Sand, Oilwell Tubular Consultants, Community Toyota, Fallin Properties, Certi-Fab Industries, Griffith Truck & Equipment, Central Auto Inspections, Iris Inspection Services, Texas Citizens Bank, and Capital Bank.

The Chili Feast is in its 39th year, the first year being 1976. The first raffle for an automobile was held in 1983, with Gladys Burton winning a 1983 Cadillac, and the club netted $22,000.